Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Autism Adventures: why I started this blog

Living with a child with autism is one big adventure [though not always the fun, exciting kind].

And so, there was no better name than that for my new blog: Autism Adventures.

The site address is - and the adventures are indeed ours to share.

Rafael was diagnosed with autism at age two, although I suspected something was different about my son at age 1.

As a mum... you just know.

Plus, because he has a twin sister, I had the best barometer possible for gauging milestones. In the beginning, they seemed very much on par. In fact, Raf uttered "mamma" before Estella did.

But then... nothing.

There was no point being in denial - although initially, it was like a knife to the heart, and I gave myself a little time to grieve the loss of 'the perfect child'. You know there is no such thing as 'perfect', but - especially when you're a first-time mum - you have grand hopes and dreams for your little baby. Who will they be? What will they do? I of course still have these dreams for my precious boy... just different ones.

And so, I got to work to help my child: speech therapy, occupational therapy, a special playgroup, daycare with an aid teacher, all of which still happens today.

Next year is school - and there'll be many more adventures awaiting with that journey.

And so, here we are: a blog on thoughts and experiences and stories... 

They won't always be mine - I will have guest bloggers here all the time [if you'd like to tell your story, either under your name or anonymously, please drop me a line at]. 

After all, I have found that the more we share about raising children with autism, the more real our stories become, and the more the stigma, the misconceptions, the misinformation is broken down. And that sense of commonality - about the struggles and triumphs, about the journey, the adventure! - can do nothing but good.

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