Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'What Are You Doing?' A film about autism. This is MUST-WATCH

With news just in that the powerful documentary film 'What Are You Doing?' was yesterday distributed to over 10,000 schools [all primary, secondary, state, and independent schools] across Australia, THIS trailer is powerful viewing.


The people behind the film say:

We are so proud and happy to announce that our documentary film, "What are you doing?" was yesterday distributed to over 10 000 schools across Australia. All primary, secondary, state and independent schools have received a copy of the film, along with accompanying teaching materials. We thank the Australian Federal Government for their support in distributing the film.

So contact your local school, let them know how important the film is to your school community and encourage them to show it as widely as possible. More awareness simply means children on the spectrum will be better understood.

Whilst the film was made for children, we suspect a few adults within the school system will learn something from it as well!

The film will be available for sale to the general public next month. We hope to have the film available for international sale later this year.

Life-changing for the autism community, I say. It all starts at grass-roots level.

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