Friday, May 2, 2014

Sensory Sensitivity In Autism: Viral Video

This viral video - created for the UK's National Autistic Society by Rattling Stick - is said to show what it's like for a child with autism and sensory sensitivity:

As a mother with a child with a mild autism diagnosis, I don't believe this is the way he necessarily sees the world because… I asked him.

Now, his speech is not developed enough where he can tell me if this is what he can and can't feel and see and hear, but I did show him the video and asked him: are you scared? Or do you like this? He said he liked it… and he wanted to watch it again!

While he was initially far more resistant to loud noises and it distressed him, now - with therapy and one and a half years of schooling - he is a different child.

And so, to be more accurate, sensory defensive people would relate to this - not every person with autism.

The National Autistic Society describes itself like this:

"We are the UK's leading charity for people affected by autism.
We want a world where all people living with autism get to lead the life they choose.
We will transform understanding of autism and make sure everyone living with autism gets the support they need."

What do you think of the video? Does it relate to your child? Or you?

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