Monday, August 8, 2016

What's it like to have a sibling with autism? VIDEO + my daughter replies

What's it like to have a sibling with autism?

I watched a video with a similar title today, and, well. I did okay. Head nodding, yup, agreeing, and then: tears. Watch it and see why...

The AOL video is titled: 'These Kids Share What It's Really Like to Have a Sibling With Autism.'

What I loved about it this video was that it was so raw and honest.

You can watch the video in full HERE.

Well... I asked someone who has a sibling with autism... my daughter's twin brother. My son, Rafael. My daughter, Estella.

Here is what Estella said:

"It's like, hard, because he's different, and he does different things.

He, like, doesn't have the same emotions as us.

He has different choices, at a different level in life.

He's a reality person, too. So, he see things in a different way.

But there is also the screaming and drama.

The tantrums - they are noisy, and ten times as crazy as normal people.

I feel sad how he has to put up with things that are hard.

Sometimes he gets all the special treatment at school - like cooking, and excursions.

Sometimes he gets all the treatment like that at home, too.

We always have to agree with him, to make sure he doesn't have a tantrum

[Do you worry for him in future?]

Yes, because when he is in the real world with lots of hard things that are challenging, maybe his tantrums will get worse when he gets older

Because the older you get, the more you get serious, all the time.

He will meet new people, and they may not know he has autism.

[Do you feel that you care for him more because he has autism?]

Yes. I want to teach him all there is to learn. I want to teach him about trying more things, to act like a normal person.

I think Raf is kinda different and kinda normal at the same time."

So there you have it. Parents of kids with autism - you will be able to relate.

From the video, some quotes:

“Not having a typical sibling relationship.”

“The struggle of going through his adulthood is something that’s not only going to impact myself but my future wife and my kids.”

“Not getting enough attention from your parents.”

I carry a lot of guilt just trying to live my own life.

“The frustration is just something you have to swallow.”

But ultimately, they all agree that they have learned a lot from their autistic sibling:

“My brother has taught me to accept people for who they are.”

“To have a deeper purpose in life.”

“That differences are ok.”

“A person’s a person no matter what.”


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