Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carly Fleischmann: 'The Doctors'

Have you heard of Carly Fleischmann?

At the age of two, Carly was diagnosed with severe autism and an oral motor condition that prevented her from speaking. Doctors predicted she would never intellectually develop beyond the abilities of a small child. Although she made some progress after years of intensive behavioural and communication therapy, Carly remained largely 'unreachable.'

And then, at the age of ten... she had a breakthrough.

While working with her therapists Howie and Barb, Carly reached over to their laptop and typed in "HELP TEETH HURT".

Not surprisingly, everyone was astonished.

This was the beginning of Carly's journey toward self-realisation.

Carly first joined 'The Doctors' in September 2012. Here she is more on her role on the show:

Inspiring, huh?