Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Luke Shambrook Found Alive: Report

News just in: the young boy with autism who had wandered off from the campsite on Good Friday where he and his family were staying at Candlebark camping ground, near Lake Elidon, has been found, according to Seven News.

Luke Shambrook, age 11, had been missing for four days.

In a breaking news report, the little boy is safe and sound, with hypothermia and dehydrated, but alive!

SES crews have been searching for Luke since the alarm was raised by his family.

Luke's beanie was found late yesterday.

Police said he was spotted by the air wing just before midday in an area off Skyline Road.
Rick Newton from Victoria Police said Luke was being treated by paramedics.
"[The] police helicopter spotted Luke walking in bush about three kilometres from where he went missing on Friday," he said.
"The helicopter has directed police and paramedics and searchers into that area and recovered Luke.
"We are told Luke is well, [but] he is exhausted, he is suffering hypothermia and he is also dehydrated.
An earlier, background report here.

Here is Luke (left) and his family. Photo: Victoria Police.

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