Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Bugalugs Bum Thief - Relaxed Performance and Review

Just recently I took my seven year old twins to see a show called 'The Bugalugs Bum Thief'. We went along to the Monkey Baa Theatre in Darling Harbour, and you guys… it was sensational! Highly recommended.

The show is based on the children's novel by acclaimed Australian author Tim Winton - a comedic mystery story about Skeeta Anderson.

The story goes that when Skeeta woke up one morning, he found his bum (I love that the word bottom or tush is not used… nope, bum!) was gone.

This was just the beginning! In one day, he discovered that his was not the only bum missing in the town of Bugalugs. In fact, all 496 citizens of the town of Bugalugs are bumless!

And so, Skeeta decides to undertake his own investigation into who the bum thief is, and fix the situation!

Skeets enlists the help of his best mate Billy Marbels and Mick Misery, set out to discover where all the bums have gone and to find the culprit of the crime. After much mayhem, Skeeta finally solves this big mystery. Well… kinda!
The show toured last year and is back for 2001, with several shows left at the Monkey Baa, before continuing for more shows. It's perfect for kids aged four -10.
Prices: $25 per ticket + $2.50 booking fee per transaction. (Family discounts available).
And, the show has a 'RELAXED PERFORMANCE' available! Perfect for kids with special needs (autism, for example).
My son has mild autism, although we went to the standard performance, and he loved it. Yes, there were some parts that he put his hands over his ears, but it WAS loud! For a child with obvious sensory needs, this more relaxed performance is perfect. The volume is decidedly lower and the house lights are dimmer, and the tone is more relaxed.
Here are the details for this special show: Tuesday April 14 at 1pm, and it's described as:
This performance is the opposite of the quiet carriage on the train. Patrons are welcome to come and go as they please, the theatre lights remain on and audio is adjusted accordingly. We welcome patrons with young children and those that may have special requirements.
For further information, go here.
The cost for this relaxed performance show is: 
$17 per student for school group bookings.
And, teachers can download booking form HERE.
Vacation Care Groups can download booking forms HERE.
And, you can even access a free teaching resource right HERE!
Come to the show at Monkey Baa, and go find it again when the season there is done. The kids - and you - will love it!

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