Thursday, April 2, 2015

Subtle Signs of Autism 0-7 years old: VIDEO

In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, here is a video I found called:

'Sublte (sic) Signs of Autism 0-7 years old'. 

People often ask me these questions about my son (Rafael, age 7):
- How did you first know your son had autism?
- What were the signs? How did he act which told you he had autism?- At what age was he diagnosed?
- How has he progressed over time?
- How is he doing at school now? (my son is in year 2)

While every child 'on the spectrum' is different, this video gives some good insight into the profession a child with autism can make.

Says the video description:

"This video shows the subtle signs of autism from one child as he ages and his tremendous growth from years of therapy."

Watch and tell me what you think (and light it up blue today for our beautiful kids with autism and Aspergers:

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